We've provided answers below to the questions we are often asked about TC. Question not answered here? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I choose the correct models for my playing?
It is important that you choose cymbals that you like, but also cymbals that will work for your performances whether it is live or studio. Listen to your friends, talk to other drummers develop a sense of what might work for you. Then go out and experience some sounds. It is important that you 'play' the cymbals and get a sense of what they can deliver for you. Below is a brief info on TC.

T-Classic sounds darker, with a rich tonal quality.
T- Naturals have a deep, dry and dark characteristic.
T-Xtra is bright and explosive.
T-Alternative combines full-bodied responses with brightness.
Cymbalmaker, La Pasion Turca and Swing King are mostly for drummers looking for unique sounds that can only be found at handmade original Turkish Cymbals.

Janissary-X project offers efx cymbals that are totaly different in sound and shape. Based on the concept of "old world percussion" that comes with a mind blowing texture of sounds and shapes. A must for any kind of set-up.

Metal Shop project offers drummers a perfect line of heavy sounding bronze disks that cut through.

Punkhead project offers bright & penetrating cymbals to smash your sound.

Each series offers a wide range of models, sizes, weights and sounds. Select from just one series, or mix the various series to create the set-up that you want to play.
Please note that traditional handmade cymbals are one of a kind instruments and every individual has its own character and voice.

Are there differences between 'Natural' and 'Brilliant' finishes?
Brilliant finished T-Xtra, MetalShop and Punkhead cymbals are machine buffed and hand polished to a smooth, and bright look. 'Natural Finish' cymbals like T-Classic, T-Alternative and La pasion Turca etc. are neither buffed nor polished, they remain same in their natural state. Cymbalmaker and Swing King has an aged polishing process on them. Janissary-X's have a totally different aging process used by old artisans of antique metals.

The buffing process will smooth the tops of the grooves, creating a smoother touch and look. Regarding the sound brilliant cymbals sound more direct and bright while the natural ones are more darker and deep.

How does the size of the bell affect the sound of a cymbal?
The larger the bell, the more open the sound. Large bells have longer sustain. There are various bell sizes and they all have different roles in defining the response characteristics of the cymbal.

How does thickness and weight affect cymbal sound?
Thicker cymbals are heavy cymbals. They are brighter and louder. Mostly loud playing applications need more power. Heavy cymbals cut through the music with a bright sound and great sustain while the light weight cymbals are lower and smoother. Medium weight cymbals will be a good starting point for those who needs both.

Does T-Cymbals make custom cymbals?
Yes we do. T-Cymbals is the only company that will take orders for custom cymbals even under your name. Please refer to onemanonecymbal section for custom order details or signyourcymbal for the first custom cymbal project under your name.

What is available and how can I order one?
You can order just about anything with in the routine of our manufacturing process. The limit is your imagination. Best thing to do referring to our experiences is to send a description of what it is you want to support@tcymbals.com. TC team will take a look at it and let you know if what you want is possible (In terms of musical needs). Refer to onemanonecymbal page for further details.

Can I arrange a trip to the factory?
Of course, we are always welcome to those who have a passion for our cymbals and want to have a journey inside the world of traditional cymbalmaking. Our guests are free to be a part of our team and they will have the chance to experience of making a cymbal even by hammering one.:)

Does T-Cymbals have a warranty program?
All T-Cymbals are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for all series and provides for a free replacement of detective cymbals for one year from the original date of purchase. T-Cymbals require that all cymbals for warranty replacement be returned to your local dealer/store that you purchased them from. The dealer /store will, in turn, contact its distributor for review and replacement. Please check with your T-Cymbals distributor for warranty coverage and details.

Quality is the most important thing for us and therefore the return cymbal will be in question to improve the quality to its highest levels. A cymbal will not be replaced under the conditions below:

If more than one year has passed since the date of purchase (Please enclose a copy of your original purchase receipt with your return cymbal to determine the warranty period.

If it has been previously replaced.
If it has been bought second hand.
If it has been used in a lease program.
If it has been treated badly, dropped for played with extreme force.

How do I return my broken cymbal for warranty?
Please contact your national distributor/dealer along with a copy of the dated proof of purchase. If you don't have a distributor in your country please contact us at support@tcymbals.com

Do I get warranty coverage if I buy my T-Cymbals from another country?
Any warranty is applicable only in the country you purchased your cymbal.
There are several reasons for this limitation. Because of the high cost of managing and shipping, we can not expect our distributor/dealer to supply replacements for products they did not handle. The taxes and duties on free replacement cymbals can be double or triple the original value of the cymbal itself as well as some countries do not allow any 'free' goods to be shipped to a customer.

If you have problems with a cymbal you purchased outside the country where you live, you would need to return it to the store from which you purchased for a possible replacement procedure. All shipping costs to and from would be under your responsibility. Please keep in mind that this could become very expensive, and consider this next time you see a -great deal- from a source outside your country.

How do I contact T-Cymbals if I have a question?
Please refer to our contact us page.