Cymbal Types

A pairing of two cymbals on a pedal-operated hi-hat stand. Generally bottoms are heavier than the tops. Closed hi-hats produce tighter, more definite sounds; half-open for bigger and louder sounds.

Ranging from 14" to 20", crash cymbals are designed for accenting or crashing. Thinner models are warmer and explosive, heavier models more direct and bright.

Ranging from 18" to 24", the ride is the main cymbal for playing rhythms and grooves. The bell area is bright and crisp, across the bow you can get bigger sound. Heavier models produce more definite sticking.

Ranging from 6" to 12", splash cymbals are played for fast and short accents. Chinese cymbals feature an upturned edge. Mostly played for effect sounds, they do offer dirty ride sounds on short, dirty punches at accents. Janissary-X offers efx cymbals that are totaly different in sound and shape. Based on the concept of "old world percussion" that comes with a mind blowing texture of sounds and shapes.