Carlos Pedroza
From The Grave
So happy to share this huge change in my setup. As soon as I got my cymbals and did a quick and exciting unboxing I realized the materials are next level, they feel so strong very well-hand-hammered finishes and shapes are so beautiful. I couldn't wait and went to the studio to switch the new cymbal set and started giving them a try and now I understand why too many great artists joined this brand, the sound, the attack, the ping, and everything is high-class!! I am very excited about the next shows so the band and I will offer a high-quality audio explosion with them. Special thanks to Burak and the team for all the attention and great service, they really care about it and they follow up on every single detail until you have your cymbals on hand. Thank you, family!
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Ted Marotta
United States
Kenaniah Caron
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