Eli Rinek
United States
Hard Fall Hearts
I was turned on to T-Cymbals in February of 2013 by a great friend and fellow T-Cymbals artist Gavin Glenn. My current band Hard Fall Hearts had studio time scheduled and an EP due to be out the following month on Splatterhouse Wreckords. Gavin said \"hey try these out!\" and he lent me a 19\" t-xtra medium crash and 14\" Punkhead hi-hats (which I later purchased). I was blown away by the sound and feel of them. They conveyed what I\'ve always felt cymbals should do. That is, sound great live and in the studio!! 3 years later I\'m convinced they are some of the best in the world and I\'m so glad to finally have a complete T-Cymbals set up. Big thanks to Arbak and Burak. Keep on rockin\' on !!!
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Tyler Knatz
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Jerre Jackson
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Tevfik Dertli