What makes a custom cymbal company successful in the very crowded " cymbal business " these days? We believe the answer to this question is quite simple...

TC hopes to change the way drummers view a custom handmade Turkish cymbal. At OMOC, the word custom holds quite a bit more reverence. It means we made it, not assembled it. It means everything about the cymbal is made by hand, one piece at a time, by a OMOC master cymbal artist. From hand selecting the finest bronze and tin, painstakingly melting the alloy, to roll the casts and shaping the cymbal by hand hammering to its unique shape. A cymbal having the OMOC by T-Cymbals signature is one of a kind ultimate acoustic instrument, hand made to your specifications, with the expertise and quality no other company can match. So, invest in your art by creating your masterpiece by onemanonecymbal.

What is onemanonecymbal?
Onemanonecymbal is the name of the project that offer drummers true custom handmade cymbals. T-Cymbals build custom cymbals based on your specifications and design under onemanonecymbal project. No limitations. Just tell us exactly what you want to create, we can build it for you. With over an experience based on a tradition of centuries, we're ready to help you achieve the sounds you're looking for. Don't forget only custom cymbalmakers can create your masterpiece.

What are the basic specifications?
All cymbal sizes from 6" to 24".
All OMOCs are 100% handmade Turkish cymbals from T-Cymbals B20 alloy.

How can I order OMOC?
Wanna get custom then get started, simply contact us at Tell us what you want and begin your onemanonecymbal experience. TC team will take a look at it and let you know if what you want is possible (In terms of musical needs) and work with you together throughout the entire process - from design through shipping - to create your OMOC.

A few other points to remember concerning OMOC custom orders;
Price based on size and process.
TC warranty. Please refer to faq for warranty deals.
TC warranty. Please refer to faq for warranty deals.
Please note that due to the unique nature of your onemanonecymbal, all sales are final.