Sign Your Cymbal

What is sign your cymbal?

Sign Your Cymbal is the name of the project that offer drummers world's first personal signature line of cymbals under their name. Custom drums, custom drumheads, custom drumsticks why not custom cymbals?

Sign Your Cymbal - 100% HandmadeTurkish Cymbals - with your logo, signature on it.

What are the specifications?

All cymbal sizes from 6" to 24".

All SYCs are 100% handmade Turkish cymbals from T-Cymbals B20 alloy.

What is the minimum amount of order?

The minimum order amount is five pieces. No size limitations. Hi-hats are considered as pieces.

It is not important whether you prefer your SYCs as 5 splashes

A set of 14” hi-hat, 16” crash, 18” crash, 20” ride and a 18” china


Only 5 pcs. 18” crash


Just 2 pcs. 8” splash, 3 pcs 14” hi-hat.

The choice is yours, just tell us what you want and send your logo – signature.

What kind of cymbals are SYCs from?

TC offers 100% Handmade Turkish Cymbals.

Finish choices are: Traditional and Brilliant

Weight choices are: Light, Medium and Heavy

What are the color choices of SYC?

The color choices are black, red and green. (CMYK colors)

Code for black: C.100 – M.100 – Y.100 – G.100

Code for red: C.0 – M.100 – Y.100 – G.0

Code for green: C.87 – M.24 – Y.100 – G.13

What are the artwork technical specifications of SYC?


Artworks must be in high quality .ai (adobe illustrator) .jpeg, .psd (photoshop), .tiff format. Due to the nature of our printing process we kindly prefer vectoral graphics in ai. or psd. format.


TC team will work on your art size to fit it on your SYC. Please keep in mind that the cymbals are circular instruments and vertical artworks – logos – are hard to deal with, and may not be fit into the printing area of the cymbal correctly. Referring our experiences horizantal artworks – logos- gives the best result.

How can I order SYC?
Wanna get your signature cymbals from SYC, then get started, simply contact us at

Tell us which cymbals you want.

Size, type, weight, finish and amount

Send us your artwork - logo

TC team will work on it and send you a confirmation e-mail of your artwork placed on a demo cymbal.

Confirm the modified artwork – logo

TC team will take your order and work with you together throughout the entire process to create your signature cymbal.

A few other points to remember concerning OMOC custom orders;

Price based on amount.

TC warranty. Please refer to faq for warranty deals.

SYC custom orders take 4 to 8 weeks according to the number of units.

Please note that due to the unique nature of your signature cymbal, all sales are final.