Carlos Crowcell
United States
Solemn Vision
6 years ago while looking up different cymbals on youtube I stumbled upon clips of different T-Cymbals products. I was super impressed by the uniqueness of each product and really like what I heard, so I had to try em out for myself. My first order were 17" and 19" T-Xtra Crashes and an 18"Janissary X Orkhon. I fell in love instantly, they we some of the best cymbals I'd ever heard. The Orkhon is my absolute favorite cymbal that I've ever played, looks beautiful, and sounds monstrous. With a massive attack, awesome trashy sound but with enough wash and sustain to crash on, it's the perfect China cymbal for any Metal or progressive drummer. Next up I absolutely had to get more. Between the incredibly clean tone of the Metalshop ride, and the intense sharpness of the Janissary X Cevgen, I was in drummer heaven. With so many great and diverse lines and me picking up session work in addition to my bands, it all confirmed that these are the perfect cymbals for any job.
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Jerre Jackson
United States
Stefano Brognoli
Gautier Haverland