Cole Miner
United States
The Black Order
I first started playing T-cymbals because I needed the perfect type of cymbal for my sound and playing style, and T-cymbals delivered exactly that and more! After working together to design my own custom setup, I can confidently say that T-cymbals is no joke. aside from being virtually indestructable, these things put out a sound like no other. YOU JUST CAN\\\'T BEAT HAND MADE TURKISH CYMBALS. PERIOD. From designing your cymbals, to the moment they show up at your doorstep. The guys at T-cymbals make everything so easy to get exactly the sound your looking for. If you take your art seriously and want to play the best cymbals out there, do yourself a favour and stop messing with other companies. T-cymbals is the real deal.
  • Cole Miner's TC Set-up
Michael Saccoman
Max Priese
Javier Perez
United States