Ivan Payne
United States
Kalimba - Clemm Rashad - Darren Motammady - Peter Jordan - Saeeda Wright Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Like many of today’s great musicians, Ivan sharpened his skills in the church. Currently Ivan can be seen performing and touring with smooth Jazz groups: Kalimba The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire, Colelition, E. Pruitt, Klyntel, Global Heat, And Local Artist: Lady A All-Star Band, Darrius Willrich And Anson Dawkins Ivan is also the MD for Rhyme Cartel recording artist Tomeka Williams and was asked to MD for the Kenoly Brothers International tour 2011. Ivan just became a proud Artist with T-CYMBALS out of Turkey Ivan Proudly endorses them. Despite the hustle and bustle of a hectic touring schedule, Ivan can still be seen each week faithfully leading in praise and worship at turning point ministries.
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Gregory Morris
United States
Jason La Bella
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