Kevin Paradis
Benighted - Mithridatic - Agressor - Death Lab
I've been using T-Cymbals for months now, and I've done already many shows and recording with them. Both live and in the studio, they have everything that its needed to reach the perfect sound. Considering the numbers of hours I've played on them already, I can tell they are reliable too. Special mention to the Metalshop 22" Giant Bell ride, as this is really one of a kind cymbals. Precise, but still kind of washy, and extremely musical, its pitch is the lowest I have ever heard ! The bell is astonishing, and can't be accurately described by words. Metalshop crashes and chinas cut through wall of heavy guitars and are still kind of dark and musical. And what about the Txtra Heavy Hi-hat ! Powerful played by foot, precise or dirty when played by stick, it is a very versatile hi-hat. Very proud of being a part of T-Cymbals family, I know these cymbals will provide everything I need in all situation !
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