Maurits Opsahl
Steff Nevers
As a professional drummer I always need the best sound and T-Cymbals are top of the line cymbals with variety of styles that fits right into any music style. After many years with cymbals from different cymbal companies I finally got in contact with T-Cymbals, who told me they had the right cymbals for my music and really they got me the sound I wanted. I’m playing country music, blues and rock. T-cymbals has good quality cymbals and great customer service all over the world. T-Cymbals fits right in there with my Yamaha drums, Evans drumheads and makes the sound I’m looking for. T-Cymbals are simply the best!
  • Maurits Opsahl's TC Set-up
Conner Satryo
United States
Justin Calhoun
United States
Carlos Crowcell
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