Patrick McBrew
United States
I first heard about T-Cymbals when I decided to learn as much as I could about cymbals and how they are made. Part of that research was discovering all the cymbal makers I could, hearing what each made, and comparing them. T-Cymbals stuck out to me from the start because each series had a purpose. Many companies have a large array of series, but they get hard to distinguish from one another sound wise and seem pointless. With T-Cymbals each series is distinct and focused in a specific direction, and that kind of focus caries over across their whole operation. I fell in love with my cymbals very quickly, the rides provided the perfect balance of stick attack and wash for my musical settings and the hi-hats were pronounced but not at all harsh. They are incredibly versatile and provide me with a great deal of control to be as expressive as I want and intentionally produce the wide array of sounds I can get from theses beauties. The incredibly musicality of these cymbals is something that struck me and and also struck the other musicians, even non-drummer, who hear them.
  • Patrick McBrew's TC Set-up
Mariusz Mocarski
Cole Miner
United States
Giorgio Bellia